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February 27, 2024
Understanding Breast Lumps: Types and Sensations Explained

woman self examination of breast

Breast health is crucial to overall well-being, and understanding breast lumps is paramount in maintaining optimal health and wellness. While discovering a breast lump can cause feelings of concern and uncertainty, lumps can occur for various reasons, and often, they turn out to be benign. Knowing what to look for and what to expect for both benign and malignant lumps can provide assurance and assist your doctor in diagnosing.

Let’s explore the types and sensations of breast lumps, delve into the characteristics of benign and malignant lumps, address whether breast lumps are painful, provide insights on conducting breast self-exams, and more so you can feel more confident about your health.


February 6, 2024
Navigating Life After a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Receiving a breast cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. With many new medical terms, tests to undergo, and treatment decisions to make with your doctors, it’s normal to feel confused about what happens after a breast cancer diagnosis. This blog aims to help provide some guidance on several key aspects of navigating this difficult journey. While a breast cancer diagnosis presents many challenges, arming yourself with information on what to expect in the coming days and months can help you feel more in control during this difficult time.